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Piper Biosciences’ gummies contain plant sterols which are clinically proven to lower cholesterol*. Our customers agree, the gummies taste great and really work!
"These gummies really work! My cholesterol went from 256 to 177 in 10 weeks. My doctor is no longer pushing me to get on a statin. My doctor was amazed with my results and is looking into them for her patients. Highly recommend."
Sonia P
"I've been using this product for a little over a year in conjunction with a soluble fiber diet and have seen a substantial drop in my total cholesterol from 270 down to 214. My ratios, LDL and HDL levels are now in the normal range. Great product. Highly recommend to anyone trying to avoid going on a statin."
Bob P
"As a medical doctor, I know the literature about plant sterols, and their proven ability to lower LDL. Like many of my patients, I'm in the middle ground with an elevated LDL, but not enough to warrant jumping straight to a statin and its multiple potential side effects. This product fills that unmet need. Love it!"
Kevin C
"I recently ordered these gummies to try to reduce my cholesterol. I've had a tough time with compliance with statins due to some side effects. I wanted something that was medically approved. These are perfect. The pouch is perfect to carry the gummies around."
"For a science nerd like me, supplements are a hit-or-miss. Most make claims without scientific evidence. At the same time, I am a big fan of non-synthetic, plant-based supplements. Ideally, I would eat food that has medicinal value. The gummies were surprisingly tasty, Packaging was very classy. Nutrition facts and scientific basis was easily explained. Pricing is quite reasonable, unlike supplements from some of the big-brand stores."
Anu M
"I have high cholesterol and my doctor suggested trying plant sterols as a natural remedy. Past experience suggests that it is hard to keep habits, even when dealing with matters as important as health. So I was really happy when I found Piper's plant sterols gummies - they are very yummy and conveniently packaged. In the last 30 days, I have forgotten to take them once."
Deyan R
"My wife and I have been taking Piper Cholesterol Lowering Gummies for months. They taste great and have worked great. Adding the gummies lowered my wife's cholesterol from high 190s to mid-160s. We also like the Piper product because it does well in the heat. Even in the Phoenix heat the product maintains form and does not melt. Piper gummies will continue to be part of our daily regimen."
Ryan T
"As a vegetarian, the fact that they are gelatin-free is a huge plus. The science behind the ingredients is also quite impressive. As someone with borderline high cholesterol, this is a nice side benefit. The bottom line is, I love to snack. While that's not a great habit to have, if I can substitute my snacking with something equally (if not more) delicious, and get a potential extra health benefit by lowering my cholesterol, that's great. The price is on the premium side, but in line with nutritional supplements or vitamins as opposed to your regular sugary snacks. The packaging and gummy consistency are all of very high quality."
Rob P
"It's tough to get enough plant sterols without taking a supplement and these gummies make it easy. Great tasting and convenient packaging."
Clarence Y
"Taste great and not overly sticky or oily tasting like some other brands. I leave the box on my desk at the office so they're easy to take (and remember to take) and are great conversation starters. The best thing about these gummies is that the science does indeed back up the product claims. Now several of us at the office are taking these and getting ready to compare our LDL numbers. Highly recommended."
Rob S
"This is awesome: gummie candy for lowering cholesterol! Tastes great; makes you healthy...what's not to love!"
Brad V
"I'm a physician taking these gummies -- for a nutritional supplement, these gummies taste great...almost like candy. I'm using the gummies for prevention of cholesterol as high cholesterol tends to run in my family."
Victor B
"These are not only delicious but also work wonders. I had wanted something that was medically approved and tested. So these gummies came in perfect. Been using them now for some time and my blood tests have come back with some noticeable improvements a month after. What makes them easy to ration is that they've been conveniently packaged in daily doses so that I can take them with me to work and when I travel. Highly recommend!"
Kessler M
"I love this product. I am concerned about my cholesterol and these packs of gummies taste great and are backed up by some strong science. The pre-packaged amounts are perfect to remind me. I recommend getting the product as a subscription so that you always have enough."
Evan A
"I recently was part of a clinical study at Stanford for these gummies. After 3 months, my LDL cholesterol dropped by 20% in spite of the increased sedentary lifestyle due to COVID. These gummies work! They also taste good and often replace my dessert."
Ramsey S
"I’m a lifetime vegetarian. I do not drink or smoke. I have a well-toned slim build, am always busy and active. I did NOT expect a 272 mg/dL for my blood cholesterol test!! I was shocked. That’s when I did more research to look for a way to lower my cholesterol. Research for the right supplement product took a while. Piper Biosciences seemed to be a legitimate, well-tested plant sterol product. Since 2018 I have been taking 2 original Piper Gummies 3 times a day. In less one year, my total cholesterol results were SIGNIFICANTLY lower: 251 mg/dL! I was so pleased. Since January 2020, my diet is totally plant based. I expect that with my new plant based diet AND the Piper Cholesterol Wellness Kit that the lowering will continue. I have no side effects or any discomfort at all from these gummies. Only drawback is my son likes to nibble on them occasionally"
Flavia V
* According to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA): Foods containing at least 0.65 g per serving of plant sterol esters, eaten twice a day with meals for a daily total intake of at least 1.3 g, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. A serving of our product supplies 1.14 g of plant sterol esters.

Individual results may vary. Supplementation with plant sterol esters typically reduces cholesterol by 5-15% within several weeks. Adding other lifestyle changes, including a heart healthy diet, can reduce cholesterol by up to 30%. Repeat lipid testing is recommended.